Expedia launches Rev+, a revenue management tool

Expedia, Inc. is officially launching Rev+, a revenue management tool designed to provide hotel partners with smart, actionable data and insights. As part of Expedia Partner Central (EPC), the company’s partner portal which helps hotels manage their properties and rates, Rev+ brings in new functionality that empowers partners to make smart pricing decisions to optimize their revenue. Rev+, an essential tool for revenue managers, comes at no additional costs for hotel partners, and doesn’t require additional sign-up.

“We’re going through an exciting period of evolution at Expedia, providing partners with more technology services and product offerings,” said Benoit Jolin, vice president of Expedia’s Global Product. “Our hotel partners see value in the data we provide and have expressed a need for additional support, insights and access to greater intelligence to help them more effectively refine their revenue strategy and make informed business decisions. Rev+ was created from this feedback, along with months of testing that informed the first version of the product. The phased rollout is starting now, and we expect to make significant enhancements over the coming months.”

As a global business with more than 200 travel booking sites globally and more than 307,000 hotel partners world-wide, Expedia has the necessary scale to provide partners with comprehensive and accurate analysis that makes a difference to their business. Current features include:

Expedia’s Rev+ is unique in its ability to provide Expedia hotel partners with a comprehensive view of opportunities in their market and the tools to quickly take advantage of them. All data and insights provided by Expedia PartnerCentral are based on powerful market segmentation customizable by every hotel partner, ensuring they are receiving the most relevant and impactful insights for them.

Rev+ will be gradually rolled out to hotel partners across the world, at no additional costs for hotel partners.