Implementing effective upselling methodology into a hotel’s front desk protocol has long been demonstrated to have a substantially positive and immediate effect on property revenues. Also considered a subsequent result of successful upselling is an increase in guest satisfaction, due to each guest receiving a unique experience, tailored to match their own specific needs.

While instances of increasingly satisfied guests would seem to go hand-in-hand with a rise in the number of positive online reviews, until recently, no data had been collected or analyzed to validate such a relationship, or that of upselling’s ability to influence online reputation. Following a joint study conducted by Brand Karma on behalf of TSA Solutions at multiple Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts properties, the results demonstrate the very real impact that a well-structured and consistent upselling program can have on online reputation and therefore future revenue streams.

When Online Activity Affects Your Business’s Bottom Line

Since the exponential rise of social media and online review sites, hotels and resorts have been forced to play a game of catch up with guests in an effort to safeguard their property’s reputation, along with the legitimate consequence of user-generated content and its influence on future reservations and profit. Given a recent Cornell University study that demonstrates a link between a rise in positive reviews and a significant increase in property revenue, such efforts have never been as critical to property success as they are today.

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