The TravelClick North American Distribution Review (NADR, Q3 2015) reveals that while there is still growth in direct hotel bookings they are falling behind in bookings made with OTAs.

Another finding from the review is consumers used both “new school” and “old school” approaches to booking hotel rooms for business and leisure travel in Q2 2015, with millennials choosing mobile, influencing how hotel rooms are booked.

The TravelClick NADR aggregates hotel bookings by channel for the transient segment (individual leisure and business travelers).

Data showed mobile bookings through hotel company websites (, online travel agents (OTAs) and in-person travel agents (global distribution systems/GDS) experienced the most growth.

In Q2 2015, the OTA (which includes,,, etc.), and GDS channels all experienced healthy growth in the transient segment, up 9.7%, 5.8% and 2.2% respectively.

Hotel Direct (calls made directly to the property and walk-in customers) and calls to a hotel’s 800-number (the CRO channel) decreased by -7.2% and -5.6% respectively.

Based on reservations that are currently booked for Q3, TravelClick expects to see similar booking patterns when the quarter is complete.

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