Digital Trends for the Hotel Industry

Welcome to the first edition of our digital trends report, designed to be the essential companion for the savvy independent hotelier.

Our conversion optimisation, revenue management and marketing specialists, along with key members of our team, have analyzed the most important digital trends facing hoteliers today. We’re basing our advice on trends that the data tells us are emerging right in our industry.

Our goal is to better inform and empower you in your work to drive more direct bookings through your brand site, and we hope these digital trends will do just that.

We’re giving our expert opinion on the major changes and patterns of note in the industry, and we hope you’ll use them to improve your direct business.

Our report focuses on current cornerstone items for hoteliers. We’ve analysed the data from nearly 6,000,000 hotel website sessions, including digital transactions, booking patterns and more, and compared what we are seeing with industry trends at large.

The report focuses on what the story is right now: we’ve analyzed the most important recent data to give you sharp insights into the current state of play. We’ve covered booking patterns, guest demographics, the best ways to show your prices and rate plans on your site, web design best practices, the traffic landscape, and much more.

Each chapter gives a concise summary of the data, commentary on what it means for hotels, and clear actions points to help you get the most out of it.

There are 6 Chapters:

1. Who’s Travelling?
The demographics of guests. Who spends more, who books more, and where do they come from?

2. Booking Behaviour
Patterns in the days to purchase & analysis of guest bookings. When are guests likely to book – and to cancel?

3. Booking Insights
How do price displays impact the booking process? What’s the most effective way to display prices?

4. Device Trends
The ongoing advance of mobile. Mobile continues its march to dominate traffic – but is revenue keeping up?

5. Design Trends
Design options to suit every hotel. Which is best for your hotel? How can you ensure a speedy site?

6. Hotel Traffic Landscape
Changes in the traffic landscape are driven by large external forces, although individual hotels will see differing results

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