SITA has released the results of its latest Passenger IT Trends survey, showing rising use of mobile apps for check-ins and a continued reliance on self-service fueled by technology.

The survey is one of the most extensive in the world, spanning 17 countries and 76% of passenger air traffic. The most stark change is how rapidly face-to-face has dropped for both booking and check-in.

The traditional means of engaging with airline reps has been replaced by a surge in mobile device usage.

Given the growing size of mobile phone screens, such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, there’s a more effective user experience for booking on mobile .

The survey took a different approach this year, focusing on the emotional states of travelers during different phases of the journey.

It’s actually almost hard to believe how positive most of the surveyed travelers are — perhaps there is still some glamour and magic remaining in travel after all!

The most glaring area of negativity is, of course, security. Baggage collection is the second least popular area of travel.

There’s no surprise there, either. Booking and on-board are the two areas where the highest percentage of passengers report positive emotions. Airlines should take heed of this and realize that the experience is already primed for positivity — all the airline needs to do is deliver an exceptional experience that feeds off the positive.

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