• Start using AI faster: a simple document upload trains the chatbot answers about your hotel;
  • Make communications more efficient: check grammar, adjust the tone and rewrite text for clarity using generative AI;
  • Understand better what guests want to know: AI analyses conversations to suggest improvements to the information provided.

NB: This is an article from HiJiffy, one of our Expert Partners

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Using artificial intelligence to boost revenue and reduce staff workload is a hot topic in hospitality. However, some hoteliers are reluctant to implement it as they lack the time and specialised resources to roll out this technology on their properties.

To address this concern, HiJiffy just launched a new functionality that aims to remove barriers to the deployment of such a solution: a knowledge scanner that automatically feeds the AI, through the simple upload of a document, with the information required to accurately address over 85% of the guests’ questions about the hotel and its services.

To improve the hotel staff productivity and customer satisfaction score, a new set of tools focused on process automation and refinement of the interactions with the AI was also added to HiJiffy’s guest communications platform.

Setting up the chatbot answers for each hotel in a few clicks

The AI Knowledge Scanner serves as a powerful productivity tool that enables hotels to effortlessly set up the chatbot responses to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for their properties by simply uploading data from external sources (such as a website or a document).

“Several hours of demanding work are now reduced to a few clicks because we’ve eliminated the need to provide structured responses to instruct the chatbot on how to answer each FAQ”, explains José Mendonça, HiJiffy’s CTO.

“With this new functionality, we make the setup of our AI quite straightforward, ensuring a fast onboarding of all sorts of hotels – from small independent to large hotel groups”, underlines Mendonça.

But the new tool goes even further: it also allows hoteliers to customise and fine-tune the answers by regenerating the original text using advanced generative AI. With one click, new versions of the answer to the FAQ are instantaneously generated.

Advanced generative AI tools for text refinement

HiJiffy is adding a suite of advanced generative AI tools to refine texts as well, including grammar checking, tone adjustment, sentence modification, and rewriting for clarity.

This suite of tools aims to help hoteliers using HiJiffy’s platform to directly reply to guests by ensuring their messages adhere to the highest standards of clarity, professionalism and personalisation, all while maintaining the brand’s unique voice and improving response times.

“By automating and enhancing communication tasks with AI-driven precision, this feature enables the hotel staff to focus on delivering a more personalised and efficient guest experience”, states José Mendonça.

Better answers to FAQs based on guest insights

Bridging the gap between hotels and their customers, HiJiffy is enhancing as well its guest communications platform with a new feature that leverages user insights to provide better answers to common guest queries. It identifies which missing details or additional information can be helpful to your guests.

“Supported by a comprehensive dashboard that provides actionable insights, this new tool draws attention to essential metrics, such as unanswered questions or those with negative feedback, and identifies topics needing immediate updates”, explains HiJiffy’s CTO, further adding that “It presents as well a detailed analysis of chatbot versus agent performance and outlines the top 25 topics based on guest queries and reactions”.

Equipped with actionable data extracted directly from their guests’ questions and feedback, the new feature is designed to stimulate hoteliers to proactively improve their automation rate and customer satisfaction score.

Smart property identification system for hotel groups

On another scope, HiJiffy is also launching an intelligent hotel property identification system specifically designed to refine guests’ interactions with hotels that are part of a group or brand with multiple properties under its portfolio.

“Guests can conveniently identify the intended hotel by name or location, bypassing the need for prior input or selection flows. This way, we eliminate the need for non-user-friendly selection processes, enabling effortless access to hotel information in the context of multi-properties”, concludes José Mendonça.

No additional cost to access the new tools

The new functionalities are already available to all current and new clients and are included in HiJiffy’s Pro and Premium plans at no additional cost.

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