What Hoteliers Need To Know About ChatGPT And Generative AI

For the hotel industry specifically, here are some future predictions of uses for generative AI and ChatGPT; do not underestimate the impact

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woman and robots in front of computers refelcting a potential outdated view of adding ai to your hotel call center

The Power of Integrating AI into Your Hotel’s Call Center

While AI is not designed to replace your entire call center, it can significantly allow those employees to give full attention to more complex reservations

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Smart and Effective Hotel Upselling Through Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning technology is critical to upselling because it takes the guesswork out of what to offer when to offer it, and how to price it

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting hotels digital marketing and revenue trends

Tips to Improve Revenue Management & Profitability During the Pandemic

Only by balancing artificial intelligence and human revenue management strategy can help a hotel survive, and thrive, in the post-COVID world

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An Automated World: Artificial Intelligence in the Hotel Industry

Hoteliers must keep on top of Artificial Intelligence trends and ensure they only implement those that will enhance the guest experience.

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fornova who are we expert partner

Fornova “Who Are We” – Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

We are delighted to welcome Fornova as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub. In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by Dori Stein – CEO

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State of AI in Hospitality, Business Travel and OTAs

In the hospitality industry, AI is expected to cause a massive paradigm shift with a promise to enhance hotel reputation, drive revenue and elevate the customer experience to the next level

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How Hotels Can Survive a Downturn with AI Upselling Technology

Upselling has even more value in a downturn when there are empty rooms or when guests are booking at the best available rate and standard room types.

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What is GX? And How Can it Help Your Hotel?

You’ve heard it before: “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is”. In today’s digital age, we know that countless different touchpoints contribute to a guest’s overall opinion […]

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How Hospitality Providers are Driving up Revenue with the Help of Chatbots

It seems that industry professionals have embraced the change hotel chatbots bring to the table and are eagerly anticipating to see the evolution of AI and how it will reshape hospitality and travel.

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