person talking into a mobile phone possibly taking advantage of a hotel voice assistants or voicebots

Hotel Voice Assistants: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Voice assistants for hotels aim to provide the best possible user experience, allowing guests to ask questions without having to type them

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Artificial Intelligence: New Frontier for Elevating the Guest Experience?

Without a doubt, AI has made a significant impact on the hospitality industry, and it brings a lot of value in terms of enhancing the guest experience

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word future reflecting the impact of ai integration on revenue management

The Future of Revenue Management: Maximizing Profits with AI

AI, particularly machine learning, brings a paradigm shift in revenue management. Here are some ways in which AI is transforming the industry

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McKinsey: How Generative AI Can Boost Consumer Marketing

By taking a three-tiered approach to gen AI in marketing, companies can unlock the technology’s potential to help boost efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity

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view out of car with satnav reflecting how hotels can drive profitability with precision by utilsing ai and the pivotal role it can play in revenue management

Driving Profitability with Precision: AI’s Pivotal Role in Revenue Management

The key to being successful in revenue management is following data trends closely to set the right price for the right guest, AI is perfectly suited to support this hotel function

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Generative AI in Hospitality: The Key to Personalized Experiences

Potential of Generative AI to improve marketing ROI in travel sectors is enormous. We expect its adoption to be quicker than the shift to the internet

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Hotel AI Implementation: Busting the Myths and Truths

Hotel AI can offer a level of personalization for guests or potential guests who have never interacted with your hotel before

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How Hoteliers are Using AI for Revenue Management

The key to revenue management is following data trends and using insights to set the right pricing, AI is perfectly suited to support this hotel function

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McKinsey: The Promise of Travel in the Age of AI

The surge of AI innovation sets the stage for travel companies to rethink how they interact with customers, develop products and manage operations

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coloured strands coming together to make the shape of a head reflecting the merging of ai chatgpt and machine learning with the human element

How to Make the Most of AI and ChatGPT at Your Hotel

While AI and natural language models like ChatGPT are still in their early stages, it’s already worth exploring the benefits they offer

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