person accessing messaging on a mobile phone illustrating the importance to hotels for enhancing the guest experience

Hotel Mobile Messaging: Enhancing Guest Experience

Guest messaging should highlight the unique features of the hotel and appeal to the interests of the target audience to drive bookings and increase revenue

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hijiffy image for press release on how deploying AI in hotels is now as simple as uploading one document

Deploying AI in Hotels Now as Simple as Uploading One Document

To improve hotels staff productivity and guest satisfaction, we have added a new set of tools focused on process automation and refinement of AI interaction

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Boosting Customer Loyalty: Chatbots are New Travel Tech MVP

Chatbots are transforming the industry’s approach to loyalty and rewards programs by streamlining customer service and offering personalized interactions

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Hotel Chatbots: Benefits, Myths and How to Pick the Right One

When it comes to conversational chatbots, we’re only at the beginning. As developers refine the language models interactions will keep becoming more human

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person talking into a mobile phone possibly taking advantage of a hotel voice assistants or voicebots

Hotel Voice Assistants: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Voice assistants for hotels aim to provide the best possible user experience, allowing guests to ask questions without having to type them

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Evolution of Chatbots in the Hospitality Industry and Key Benefits

We look at the critical role of chatbots in hotel industry, highlighting the benefits of their implementation and the essential features to consider

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ChatGPT: How Conversational Bots Will Be The New OTAs

When we have conversational bots helping us, it could change the way we search for information. And one of the things we search for hotel information

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How to Manage Direct Guest Messaging for Hotels

Because direct guest messaging is such a great marketing tool, let’s look at the best practices so that you can be sure to use it to your hotel’s advantage

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Why Not Every Hotel Chatbot Will Be Right For You

When choosing the right hotel chatbot, it is important to think about how your operations are structured and the main goal for your chatbot

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Is Travel Booking Ready to Fully Embrace Artificial Intelligence?

Conventional wisdom has been that planning travel is still too personal and confusing for artificial intelligence to replace the travel shopping experience

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