data sets and charts reflecting importance of a data driven hotel action plans for hotel digital marketing

How Hotels Can Use Big Data for Better Digital Marketing Action Plans

Many hotel companies spend far too much time aggregating data and not enough time creating digital marketing action plans from the analysis

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5 Reasons Why Data is Critical for Hotel Marketers

The convergence of hotel marketer data, analytics, and guest expectations for personalized service are redefining the way hotels connect with their guests

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How Customer Data Can Boost Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

Many hoteliers underestimate the power of customer data, making it a focus in your strategy is a reliable way to ensure your hotel maintains a competitive edge

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Connecting the Dots Rates, Reviews, Reputation and Demand Hotellistat Discussion YouTube Thumbnail

Connecting the Dots: Rates, Reviews, Reputation and Demand

We look at the data, the potential value, and examples of correlations and cause-effect relationships that could benefit hoteliers

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Big Data 101 for Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

Big data for hotels refers specifically to the collection of guest-related information, typically obtained through zero-party and first-party data sources

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Maximize Sales: How a Data Audit Reveals Untapped Hotel Profits

Hoteliers that want to streamline sales and take advantage of high-value buyers can no longer afford to maintain cumbersome processes

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Data and the Future of Revenue Management

As revenue management technology evolves, machine learning continues but the human element is key. Let us take a look at some of these points

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How to Increase Your Hotel Revenue with Hospitality Data

Data is more than just numbers: it’s the rock to unlocking revenue growth. Decisions rooted in data are the backbone to success

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McKinsey: The Promise of Travel in the Age of AI

The surge of AI innovation sets the stage for travel companies to rethink how they interact with customers, develop products and manage operations

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optical performance evaluation glasses reflecting importance to hotels of viewing data collaboratively to drive bookings and revenue

How a Collaborative View of Data can Drive Bookings & Revenue

Get collaborating today to leverage all the types of data and analytics your business has access to and boost bookings and revenue

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