Global Hotel Profit Improves in Q3, But Still Languishing

Cost side is where hotels saw their profit turn south. Minimal revenue was eaten up by expenses that remained constant enough to make a dent

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eye tracking automation to help retention on websites

CRM or How to Automate Most of your Retention Strategy and Direct Sales

Retention is key for your hotel. It’s helps build a long-term business model and acts as a firewall to reduce dependence on intermediation

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Which Hotel KPIs Analyze Complete Operational Performance?

Key to streamlining hotel operations for more profit is to look at hotel KPIs holistically. With benchmarking numbers in hand it’s easier

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10 Traveler Trends for 2021 Planning

One thing is for certain, the hunger for travel still remains, and when it is safe to do so, the traveler will be out in droves

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person looking at a path through questions marks contemplating how hard it is for hotel revenue management during a pandemic

New Report Gives Actionable Insights To Hotels For Navigating the Crisis

As hotels continue to grapple with the crisis impact, this comprehensive report explores steps hotels can take to navigate the ‘new normal’

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Revenue Management: What can Hotels Learn from Delta Airlines

Tips to Improve Revenue Management & Profitability During the Pandemic

Only by balancing artificial intelligence and human revenue management strategy can help a hotel survive, and thrive, in the post-COVID world

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COVID-19: Insights on Travel Impact, Europe

A brief look into travel behaviour over the last 60 days shows a shift towards short lead times, trips of up to a week, and within 500 miles

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aircraft coming into land provides flight search data useful to hotel revenue managers

Lybra Integrates Future Flight Search Data for More Accurate Pricing

Future flight search data helps hotels increase visibility to travelers already planning a trip to their destination and earn more bookings

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5 Ways to Leverage Forward Looking Data to Maximise Hotel Revenue

Those who weigh pre-booking and upper-funnel data more than historical data will be stronger as they combine revenue and marketing strategies

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U.S. Hotel Profit Stuck in Neutral; Rest of World Switches Gears

Dwindling profit appears to be a function of unrelenting expenses, as revenue, however small, continues to show month-to-month improvement

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