The holiday season is upon us and we’re all ramping up to prepare for upcoming busy long weekends and time off over Christmas and New Year. Hoteliers specifically are energising their marketing campaigns to bring more business in and drive revenue from those already booked in. So, what better way to help you get prepared for all this, than to set up an automated online and mobile experience for your upcoming guests?

We’ve discussed email automation before and we’ve looked at some great tips for your newsletter campaigns so we’re hoping you’re pros at it already, but if you need some more inspiration to help you meet your end of year goals, then here we go.

Email automation is a great way for hoteliers to stay in communication with their guests throughout the travel journey. Using segmentation and timing triggers, they are easily set up and can run for as long or short as needed.

By looking at over 30 million emails sent last year, we saw that automated emails are 4x as likely to be clicked than any other email, which means more engaged guests who are more willing to click, purchase or communicate at different stages of the travel journey.

newsletters and automated email

In this article, we look at a few great examples of how you can segment your automated emails for the holiday season and provide a really tailored, personalized message for your guests that will drive revenue and engagement.


Based on the timing of that guests’ reservation, create pre-arrival emails (timed a few days or 1 – 2 weeks before arrival) that will help your guests prepare for their upcoming trip over Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. By targeting your guests based on their unique data, you provide a more tailored, personal experience for that guest before they’ve even arrived. It’s also possible to send emails out while the guest is in-house. For example, share in-house restaurant or drink offers to encourage onsite spending.


  • Timing of reservation
  • Type of reservation
  • No. of guests

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