A Multi-Generational Approach to Managing Hotel Revenue

What do you do when you need a new pair of shoes? The answer likely varies depending on your age.

Older generations will visit a few stores and work with a sales associate. Middle-aged folks who already know what brand they like will just order from the company website. Younger generations will use a smartphone app, and they’ll send those shoes back via mail if they don’t fit.

Three different generations. Three different approaches.

Marketers often customize outreach based on generational targets, and now smart hoteliers are, too. Recognizing that a baby boomer researches and books a hotel differently from a millennial, they are taking proactive steps to attract varied audiences and cater to the unique needs of each.

Baby boomers: born between 1946 & 1964
  • Brand loyal — find what they like & stick with it
  • Require personalized service & human interaction
  • Appreciate value

To harness their massive spending power, hoteliers must take steps to make boomers feel comfortable and confident. As faithful customers of the hotel industry, boomers know what they like. Some may still travel for business, but recreational travel is growing as this group makes the most of their golden years.

Hotel managers can make their properties attractive to boomers by catering to their desire for personalized service. That means high-quality customer service at the time of booking, check-in and throughout the stay. Extras such as complimentary coffee and large-print newspapers won’t go unnoticed. Treat guests assuming they will return.

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