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In an era where online dominance defines business triumphs, amplifying direct bookings through your hotel website is the compass guiding you to prosperity.

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Today, it is more important than ever for hotels to increase direct bookings. Why? Because direct bookings give hotels more control over their pricing, marketing, and their guest data. But not only that, they also earn more revenue from each booking.

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Medium reported that up to 73% of independent hotel online bookings come from OTAs. This shows that there is a big space for improvement.

Did you know that Google data predicts that direct bookings can potentially yield up to a remarkable 20% more revenue compared to OTA bookings? Overall, it isn’t just about financial gain, it’s about harnessing resources to craft unparalleled guest experiences.

How to Take Your Hotel Website to Another Level and Increase Direct Bookings?

Tip number 1: Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

In a world where smartphones are our trusty companions, a non-responsive website is a ship without a rudder. Crafting a seamless mobile experience isn’t a choice—it’s a prerequisite for success.

As travellers swipe and tap through their devices, ensure your website adapts flawlessly to their screens, facilitating effortless navigation and bookings on the move. Make sure your website not only looks good in mobile devices but also works appropriately.

Tip number 2: Use high-quality images and videos

Envision your website as a virtual portal into your hotel’s world. Curate an enticing visual journey with mages and videos showcasing your hotel’s distinctive features, be it the suites, breathtaking views, or captivating amenities. Remember, captivating visuals aren’t just aesthetics; it is key to igniting your potential guests’ imaginations.

In addition, leverage other formats that OTAs websites don’t support. For example, provide a room tour with videos, infographics about the map of the hotel or the amenities you offer, and more.

The goal is that your website should offer unique value to your visitors so they feel more encourage about making a booking there.

Tip number 3: Update your content constantly

One big mistake for hotels is to create a website and never update it. When guests are navigating through your website, they shouldn’t see promotions that are expired or a calendar with activities from three months before. Make sure your website is always up to date with the latest news, activities and offers.

Remember: it is not a one-time thing, building your online presence and optimising for direct bookings is a consistent effort.

Tip number 4: Offer post-booking rewards

Not everything is about offering discounts. You can also mention your guests that after making a booking in the hotel website they will receive a digital guide about the most famous attractions in the area or a guide to the local scenery. The goal is to show they receive something extra by booking directly with you.

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