email marketing

Today’s marketers are going beyond one-off emails. They’re using email marketing and automation to support their marketing strategies and are seeing results.

These automated emails are personalized and relevant. They’re triggered by a subscriber’s actions or other conditions like time or a date, so relevant content gets delivered just when a subscriber wants and needs it.

Today, we’re sharing 5 brands crushing it with email marketing and automation, as well as some lessons you can learn from them. The marketers at these companies are using email marketing and automation to welcome subscribers, increase engagement, and educate their audience.

1. ZURB connects with subscribers

ZURB is a product design company located in Silicon Valley, and caters to a large community of aspiring and accomplished designers, as well as company CEOs. They use email to educate their subscribers and are focused on delivering valuable, educational content on design.

According to Daniel Codella, Marketer, ZURB has several newsletters for different products and business groups. When he first heard about email automation, he shuffled his feet, thinking it would be confusing. “Eventually, I jumped in, and I found it really easy to use,” he told us. “When I was done creating our automated welcome email, I thought ‘Is that it?’ It was so easy.”

ZURB implemented automated welcome emails so that when a fan signed up for the newsletter, they automatically received a tailored email. ZURB iterated on these emails and achieved fantastic results. The welcome emails now see upwards of 70-75% open rates and 40-45% click-through rates.

What you can learn from ZURB:

• Email marketing and automation is easy to implement, no matter what your level of technical know-how.
• Subscribers will be more engaged and invested in your emails if you give them a timely welcome.
• You can easily dip your toe in the marketing automation waters by automating something simple, like a welcome email, and it can result in huge gains.

2. Mumsnet’s personalized experiences

Marketing automation lends itself to personalized experiences, and Mumsnet, the largest parenting site in the U.K., provides one of the most inspiring examples out there.

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