3 pointers to improving your e-reputation

Today everyone knows it and everyone does it: encourage customers to post comments on social networks and opinion sites.

However, not everyone gets the same result. Why is that?

Because some hoteliers work their e-reputation much more than others.

What are the 3 key points to their success?

Understand the subject

The first step is to better understand the topic of e-reputation. It’s not just a note posted on the web. It really reflects all that your hotel represents, its public image.

“Yes, but it doesn’t reflect reality!!! I’m fed up; it’s only my angry customers who write comments!!! So, in the end, I don’t care and I won’t even look at Tripadvisor.”

This is the normal reaction of an hotelier who is disillusioned by the system, an hotelier who has lost all hope of being able to do something about it. I understand!

Unfortunately, this is definitely a very bad way of understanding the problem, because what is written on the web is what your potential future customers will think of your hotel. Don’t fool yourself, they won’t take a moment to stop and think “Ah, but it’s only the angry customers who commented! In fact, the hotel may be and probably is great. ”

This quite a classic phenomenon exists in all domains. For example, when Netflix displays a new movie with a score of 1 out of 5 and there are no known actors that you like, are you still going to bother taking an entire evening to watch it?

So, please, put aside your grievances and see for yourself that e-reputation is not necessarily connected to reality. The truth is that it is 100% connected to the reality perceived by the surfer looking to travel in your area.

Point 1: the quality of your hotel

The first step is obvious, though all too often forgotten or underestimated: the quality of your hotel and its customer service.

There is no point in talking about e-reputation without remembering the weak points of your hotel, points to work on after having categorized them:

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