3 Content Marketing Trends for Hoteliers

Much has been written on the importance of content marketing to a hotel’s digital marketing strategy. But what areas should you be focused on, and how can you make the task of creation more manageable? This article identifies 3 content marketing pillars from which to build your content strategy.

Let’s start by recapping what content marketing is and the value it brings to hotels. It is essentially anything that conveys a message to your audience; be it a photo, video, blog article, tweet, pin, or something else. Every time you say something, or show something, it’s content.

Why Content Marketing Matters

A good strategy differentiates you from the competition, creates memorable relationships with travel shoppers, helps you to spend your marketing budget more strategically, and is a proven method to drive direct bookings.

There are a number of hotels already doing a great job with content marketing, like Clémentine Amiraux, the Creative Director of Prague’s Hotel Josef and Maximilian Hotel. Clémentine says that instead of working with sites like Booking.com, her properties invest time and money into creating a better story; one that entices travelers to visit their hotel website.

They do this through creative videos and helpful blog posts about what to do in Prague. Instead of just advertising their hotel, they provide relevant content travelers care about. And this is published everywhere; on their hotel website, Facebook, mobile sites and to VNetwork, the largest media syndication network in the travel industry. And it’s working! Clémentine has seen double the website traffic, fewer bounce rates, and more direct bookings.

Hotel Josef is one example of effective content marketing driving results. In the last few years, we’ve seen content marketing make leaps and bounds in the hospitality industry.

Here are 3 areas we believe every hotel marketer should be focused on.

Personalized Content Drives Quality Traffic & Higher Conversions

According to CMO, one third of marketers say that personalization is the most important capability of marketing in the future.

Personalized content is a strategy that relies on visitor data to deliver relevant content based on audience interests and motivation. It could range from a highly targeted call-to-action, to a revolving landing page based on geographic or industry-specific segments.

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