12 Simple Tools to Make Your Hotel Marketing Easier

It’s the little things that often take the most time when it comes to hotel marketing. Once your team has a consensus on the best ways to drive direct bookings for your hotel, approval for your budgets and know what campaigns you want to run, it should be smooth sailing… right?

Nope. Not usually, anyway! There are dozens of small and not-so-small problems that crop up when you’re trying to execute a book direct strategy, and it’s the hotel marketer’s often thankless job to make sure little problems are fixed before they cause bigger ones.

We at Net Affinity have a lot of experience ironing out those problems. Our work with hundreds of hotels gives us familiarity with both the trials of hotel marketing and the rewards of overcoming those trials.

If you’re a hotel that doesn’t work with a digital agency, but still wants top-notch work, we wanted to give you a collection of tools to help you on your way.

Here are 12 great tools to help your hotel marketing when you’re driving direct bookings:

Ad Design

The Squint Test

A digital version of the classic test for ads – can you see the most important elements of your campaign’s ad sets at a glance? For that matter, are the important elements of your website standing out? The squint test will show you if your ‘Book Now’ button stands out, from your Facebook ads to your hotel website’s homepage.


Need a little inspiration for your marketing? Coolors is an app that you can use on your desktop at work or on your iPhone, and it lets you instantly generate color palettes for any ad campaign. You can ‘lock’ your brand colors in so that the palettes generated will automatically complement your hotel’s branding. It’s intuitive, easy, and free to use.

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