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Email communications with your customers should never be left to chance.

NB: This is an article from Experience Hotel

Everything must be carefully considered when deciding on an efficient marketing strategy that will allow you to increase your customer retention rate and improve the quality of your customer base.

With this in mind, we decided to conduct a survey on the impact of the different types of emails you can send to your customers.

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To obtain this data, we analyzed more than 9 million emails, classified according to the predefined categories and scenarios in our system. The target was specific: only customers who had checked out of an establishment at least two months ago and had not yet booked their next stay. We were then able to discover what emails work best and the subjects that interest travelers the most, especially the type of emails that generate the most bookings.

Here are the results of our survey and the different types of emails to send to your customers if you want the best results!

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Which email subjects are guests interested in?

Let’s start by analyzing the subjects that attract the attention of travelers. Among the different subjects covered in emails, here are the top five:

Hi happy customer, share your review!

A few months after their departure, you can ask customers who were satisfied with their stay to share their experiences (on Facebook, Instagram, etc.); and this works very well! It’s best to wait a little while before sending this email, and especially, to exclude any customers who clearly expressed their dissatisfaction while staying in your establishment. It’s obvious that these customers will not respond favorably to your emails. When these customers leave, remember to note that they were dissatisfied, in order to exclude them from your mailing list later.

Happy Birthday!

Wishing a happy birthday always works, if you do it at the right time. So, don’t try to send an email on their birthday: the customer has already been spammed with all kinds of emails and will delete all of them with a single click. I recommend anticipating this event by sending your message at least four weeks before their birthday. Birthday emails are clearly a good strategy, since these are the 2nd most opened type of email.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It should be obvious, but Valentine’s Day emails should only be sent to people who are in a relationship. And since information on the marital status of customers is rarely available, here is my advice: segment as little as possible and only send this kind of email to customers who stayed in a double room or a family room, not in a single room.

Happy anniversary of your stay!

We tend to send this email one year to the day after the customer’s first stay. However, it’s better to send it a few weeks before. The opening rate of this type of email is much better if you send it two months before the anniversary date.

Here’s a special rate for your business trip!

Again, it’s difficult to know who’s staying in your establishment for business or non-business reasons. All you need to do in this case is to send your email only to customers who stayed in a single room, from Monday to Friday. Also, be careful to exclude from your mailing list customers who are already receiving a corporate rate.

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