How Google and Meta Could Disrupt Travel Discovery with AI

We explore the rise of AI assistants in the travel space, their capabilities and how they could impact brands’ visibility and marketing strategies

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Hotel SMS Remarketing: Boost Engagement, Bookings and Revenue

Remarketing strategies can be diversified to cater to different segments of your audience and utilize various digital touchpoints

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person clicking a keyboard in youtube thumbnail image for userguest discussion about turning website lookers into hotel bookers

Top Tips to Help Convert Website Lookers into Hotel Bookers

We discuss the importance of the hotel website user experience to increase conversions, and the need to streamline the booking process to maximize revenue

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expedia logo in background and on mobile phone is a key distribution channel for hotels

Expedia TravelAd Strategies for Small Hotels

With the help of some smart strategies, you can ensure your hotels investment in Expedia TravelAds generates a serious return

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How Does Guest Segmentation Help Boost Conversions

Guest segmentation goes beyond basic demographics. It’s creating groups based on shared characteristics, such as travel habits, booking behavior, and preferences

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whatsapp app on mobile phone

Why WhatsApp for Hotels is a Guest Communication Game Changer

Let’s break down why WhatsApp is the MVP in hotel guest communications. We’re talking engagement through the roof – far surpassing old-school email

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Must Know Strategies to Avoid Needing Last Minute Bookings

Here are five recommended long-term strategies to avoid last minute panic selling of rooms – crucial for maintaining profitability and brand integrity

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Booking Designated “Gatekeeper”; a New Era for European Hotels

The EC’s decision empowers hotels to connect with the right guests, drive guests to book direct, and grow loyalty and revenue with each guest

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empty hammock on a beach reflecting the need to conquer the high season with strong direct booking strategies

Conquering High Season: Direct Booking Strategies Hotels Need

The high season doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right strategies you can turn high season into a time of unprecedented growth and guest satisfaction

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New Features for PPC Ads in 2024

Hoteliers should prepare to adjust their PPC strategy to take advantage of these tools that streamline marketing efforts and reduce inefficiencies

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