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7 Tactics to Keep your Hotel’s Distribution Healthy and Highly Profitable

If you find that your distribution connection hobbles your optimization efforts, then you may find that it’s time to try something new

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Which Digital Marketing Tools are Eating Away at Hotel Marketing Dollars?

When the budget gets tight, and we know budgets are tight, get rid of any marketing tools and tech that aren’t critical to driving revenue

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We Looked at Hotel Search Trends – Here is What We Found.

No travel sector was left unaffected by COVID-19. But, less clear are the shifts in consumer behavior and the impact on organic search intent

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Why Book Direct is No Longer Relevant.

Book Direct has had its day and proves damaging to long term viability of a hotel’s brand. Travel needs to evolve with new e-commerce trends

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Why Tracking RevPAR Only Is a Recipe for Failure

Relying on RevPAR alone can cause major problems for hotel decision makers. Luckily, there’s a much more reliable recipe for hotel profit

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Revenue Manager Daily, Weekly, Monthly Crisis Checklist

Revenue Manager Crisis Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Veit and Till have put together a checklist of Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks Revenue Management professionals should doing during the crisis

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Digital Identities: Current Challenge and Opportunities for Travel Sector

We have increasing limitations to understanding travelers (data privacy and blurred digital identities) but we need to customize engagement

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room with a view having received an upgrade from the hotel

5 Ways to Optimise Your Room Upgrade Strategy

Take the manual work out of optimising the upselling of your room upgrades and focus on perfecting your guest communication

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China’s ‘Golden Week’ Kicks Off in Boost to Battered Tourism Industry

China’s official tourism research institute has predicted that 550 million domestic trips will be made during the eight-day holiday

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Your Hotel’s 10 Point Checklist for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

Before anything else, take a breath and ask yourself: “What is my motivation for this digital marketing campaign?” You might have a rough idea

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