Using Metrics – Other Than RevPAR – to Inform Better Business Decisions

In the hotel industry, it’s profit — not revenue — that pays the bills. Remember: RevPAR doesn’t cover debt service or payroll

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5 Key Points on Europe Hotel Performance

Europe saw its lowest hotel occupancy level during the first weeks of March. During August, Europe posted an occupancy level as high as 44.7%

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travel will come back post crisis

Travel Will Again Exceed Pre-Corona Levels

Will travel go down? In the short run, yes. In the mid-term, perhaps. The long term, if you ask me, definitely not. Travel is in our nature

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How to Get Hotel Bookings During Crisis with Online Advertising

It’s tempting not to spend on ppc advertising to keep overheads low but neglecting your direct bookings strategy could be detrimental

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How to Boost Mid-Week Occupancy Using Social Media

Mid-week occupancy can be difficult to maintain but when you pull the right strings on social media capturing guest attention becomes simpler

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Can Forecasting Be Done When Historical Data Becomes Irrelevant?

By focusing on demand forecasting, we can establish price customisation strategies, working from a Customer-Centric Revenue Management view

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COVID-19: Insights on Travel Impact, The Middle East and Africa

Although travel intent is growing, as restrictions and lockdowns continue to be implemented, there is naturally some confidence volatility

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Is Metasearch Advertising Worth It?

Metasearch Advertising: Should I Invest Hotel Marketing Budget?

A user must be looking for YOUR hotel and rates for the MetaSearch option to be available. This is part of a hotel’s “book direct” strategy

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The Marketing Funnel and Your Hotel

It’s key to know what to do at each stage of the funnel so your hotel ultimately gains direct bookings by reaching and engaging customers

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facebook logo and connected icons

How to Use Facebook to Improve Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing

By connecting actions and conversions on your website to your Facebook investment, you’ll increase the return on your marketing investment

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