Google Eliminating 3rd Party Cookies: What Impact on Hotel Digital Marketing?

When google phase-out third-party cookies, what disruption should hotel marketers expect? First, here are areas we don’t expect to be affected

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cleaning a sign saying clean up your hotel attributes on 3rd party sites

Update Covid-19 Hotel Attributes on 3rd Party Websites

Google my Business, Trip Advisor, and OTA’s have set up their COVID-19 communication opportunities as attributes check boxes

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3 Tips to Check How Your Hotel is Seen Online in Other Countries

As a hotelier it is useful to navigate as your clients do (in their countries) which is different reality from the one you see at your hotel

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Is Your Hotel Website Ready for Google’s Next Ranking Factor?

Before we get into what is the Core Web Vitals Update, consider these stats as proof that offering website visitors a stellar ux is vital

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How to Exclude Your Hotel IP Address From Your Reporting

Having an accurate conversion rate and understanding of your website traffic is important for all e-commerce businesses, including hotels. NB: This is an article from Hotelchamp For many hotels, their […]

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Google Search Add Destination Travel Information About Hotels and Flights

You’ll see the percentage of open hotels with availability and flights operating at the city level based on Google Flights and Hotels data

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Your Top 6 Hotel Digital Marketing Updates from July 2020

Expedia has launched a new Travel Ads Hotel Recovery Program to encourage hotels to re-launch campaigns on Expedia’s Travel Ads program

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6 Free Google Tools Hotels Should be Using

Here are some free Google tools you can use to help make data driven decisions and understand trends for your market and specific location

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As Cookies Fade, Brands Must Create a Robust Identity Strategy

With the decline of third-party cookies we are pivoting toward a future that reinforces the need for first-party and case-driven identity solutions

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5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Must Have a Google My Business Listing

So, are you making the best out of Google My Business listing? If no, what is holding you back? Let us look at what you can do with Google My Business

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