christmas bauble reflecting upcoming holiday season and need for hotels to focus on quick wins for conversions

Quick Wins For Conversions This Holiday Season

Creating a sense of urgency is a solid strategy for increasing conversions during a campaign. This is especially true for holiday sales

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coins stacked up at different heights reflecting need for game changing pricing strategies for effective revenue management within hotel sector

Game-changing Pricing Strategies For Effective Revenue Management

We discuss why pricing is so essential for your hotel and how you can design an effective strategy that generates consistent revenue streams

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Hotel Digital Marketing Funnels How to Bring Them Together mirai YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Digital Marketing Funnels: How to Bring Them Together?

Do you hear people talk about moving potential guests through the funnel and wondering what they mean? Well this discussion might be of interest to you

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thumbs up or thumbs down reflecting hotel reputation

How to Manage Online Reputation and Boost Your Hotel Revenue

You, as a hotel owner or revenue manager, have the power to create a solid reputation that helps you build a successful brand

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person on the phone at hotel front desk managing guest communications for the modern traveler

Managing Hotel Guest Communications For The Modern Traveler

In addition to preventing common mistakes, it’s also important to take a proactive approach to managing guest communications

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hotel room keys reflecting hotel occupancy rates and possible impact on average daily rate (ADR)

Lead Time: What Is It, How To Calculate It And Why It Matters

Lead time is a formula used to calculate the time between a guest confirming a reservation at your hotel, and their arrival date

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superhero toy character reflecting powers for transforming your hotel guest experience

Simple Superpowers For Improving Your Hotels Guest Experience

You should be more focused on providing an exceptional guest experience to everyone that you welcome into your hotel, let’s put it into action!

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man standing by a board with graphs and charts reflecting the purpose of revenue management and how to implement it

The Purpose of Revenue Management And How To Implement It

What is the purpose of revenue management, and why is it so important to design and implement an effective revenue strategy in your hotel

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Hotel Digital Marketing Where Does Mid and Upper Funnel Fit In mirai YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Digital Marketing: Where Does Mid and Upper Funnel Fit In?

In the previous video we took a closer look at the lower funnel, in this third video we look into both the Middle and Upper Funnel

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man in hotel pool looking out of city skyline reflecting postive impact in wellness tourism for a hotel's direct channel strategy

Is Wellness Tourism Part of Your Direct Channel Strategy?

As the trend of wellness travel continues to thrive, there is clearly an opportunity to find the right positioning and communication of relevant packages

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