suitcases lined up reflecting impact of travel tuesday although this is slightly seeing a diminishing impact with extension of black Friday and cyber Monday deals

Rise and Fall of Travel Tuesday in Face of Extended Cyber Deals

Travel Tuesday, also known as “Travel Deal Tuesday,” emerged as a marketing ploy in 2017, aimed at enticing travelers to book their next adventure

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black board with chalk writing including the phrase customer loyalty

Loyalty Benefits in More Ways Beyond Net ADR

But beyond a mere net ADR analysis, loyalty adds many other advantages that positively impact your bottom line but are more difficult to trace

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person bidding at an auction reflecting google ads bidding for hotel marketing

Hotel Marketing Insights: A Breakdown of Google Ads Bidding

We explore the pros, cons, and best use cases of the most common Google Ads bidding strategy options available today and how each works

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credit card in back pocket reflecting the guest revenue opportunities for independent properties utilising dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing for Independent Hotels: The Secret to Capturing More Revenue

The big question is, how can smaller hotels take advantage of dynamic pricing when they have such limited time?

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the word email spelt out in letters

2 Ways Hotels Can Use Email Data to Convert Potential Guests

Email marketing has typically involved a lot of manual work, inaccurate data and an unclear view of the types of guests interacting with your website

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person writing on a diary in the month of november possibly a hotel marketeer mapping our black friday plans

Two Weeks Until Black Friday: 5 Strategies to Boost Direct Sales

Black Friday is just around the corner! Don’t let the OTAs be the only ones to take advantage of it! Here are our recommendations for success

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meeting and event space in a hotel reflecting the transformative power of mastering group bookings to drive profitability

Mastering Group Bookings: 4 Steps to Profitability

Group bookings offer a unique opportunity to boost revenue, and with the right strategies, you can make the most of it. Gear up and embrace these steps

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smiling guest at check-out reflecting the importance of this last interaction with the guest to reinforce a good experience and improve hotel reputation

How to Use Check-Out to Improve your Hotel Reputation

How can you make the most of check-out to improve guest satisfaction and hotel reputation? Here are four tips that can make a difference

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a person clicking on a laptop and a pixelated hand reflecting importance of adopting automation in hotel digital marketing to develop great hotel booking journeys

7 Ways to Automate Great Hotel Booking Journeys

We outline how automation and A.I. can be used to save you time (and budget!) at every stage of the customer booking journey

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gift with black friday tag next to a laptop and mouse reflecting importance of black friday to hoteliers and the need to identify best practices for success

Boosting Black Friday Success: Best Practices for Hotels

The success experienced by hotels in 2022, with notable increases in conversion and click rates, underscores the potential impact of Black Friday promotions

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