hotel contactless touchless technology

5 Reasons You Must Have Hotel Technology In Your 2023 Budget

Investing in hotel technology may not be the answer to all of your problems, but the forward thinking hotelier will be adopting tech in the right places

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The Japanese return to travel: strong demand for travel but little for Europe lybra article image

Japanese Return to Travel: Strong Demand But Little For Europe

The data testifies to a great upturn in Japanese travel demand, but for now we should still wait before seeing them embrace the streets of European cities

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blocks being stacked in the same way hotels should build an optimal ota mix in a dynamic distribution environment

How to Build Optimal OTA Mix in a Dynamic Distribution Environment

To build an effective distribution strategy your OTA mix should include a minimum of 6 channels made up of the following types of OTAs:

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question marks reflecting hotels revenue management and digital marketing trends

6 Profitable Sources of Hotel Revenue Generation You Rarely Consider

The key is identifying all stages of the guest journey where you can create opportunities to generate more revenue and increase your profit margins

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High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotel Industry Adapt Interview YouTube Thumbnail - SSP

High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotels Adapt

With the dichotomy of higher prices, increasing costs and the continuing staffing challenge we ask how might the hotel industry adapt over the coming years

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hotel website being viewed on a mobile phone after travel search

4 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Hotel Website Visibility

Many independent hoteliers ask themselves, can I improve my website performance without advanced SEO? The short answer is, yes

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building blocks reflecting revenue management strategies to boost hotel revenue

Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Boost Revenue

We discuss three important strategies revenue managers can use to boost revenue and how an RMS can help forecast demand and perform dynamic pricing

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rocks balanced on wooden planks reflecting demand based pricing and the balance between operational costs, competitor offering and demand fluctuations

Hotel Demand Based Pricing: Definition, Benefits and Practical Examples

Demand based pricing can take a number of forms. The most common examples are price skimming, geo-based pricing, and yield management

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It is decision intelligence, not business intelligence that is key, hoteliq video youtube thumbnail

It’s Decision Intelligence, Not Business Intelligence, That Is Key

Apo defines decision intelligence; outlines how data is only valuable when organised, analysed and acted on; why forecasting is not a one snapshot task

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empty hotel room reflecting importance for hotels to pursue a diverse distribution strategy which may include bed banks

Understanding the Role of Bed Banks in Hotel Distribution

One important channel often overlooked by small and midsized properties – and whose role in distribution is frequently misunderstood – is bed banks

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