black and white picture of man sitting next to old technology depicting how a hotel is slow to invest in rms technology

6 Things to Consider When Investing in an RMS

As you seek to optimize revenues, drive profits, save time, and outperform competitors, here’s how to find an RMS built to optimize your business segments

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privacy protection is impacting email marketing

How Privacy Protection is Changing Email Marketing

With third-party data and many traditional email metrics gone for good, this first-party data is going to be vital to the success of marketing efforts

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article image for lybra Recovery of Spanish Tourism: Summer Trends & the Impact of the Delta Variant in the UK

Recovery of Spanish Tourism: Summer Trends & Delta Variant UK Impact

The decisions taken regarding foreign mobility by the UK and Germany, two important markets for Spanish tourism, have had a strong impact on Spanish tourism

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red heart on a white background built up of data 1 and 0

Four Steps to Becoming a Data Driven Hotel Organization

Business Intelligence is an organizational capability that has to be nurtured and grown. If you don’t create a culture of data analytics, no tools can help

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booking rateintelligence tool

What Booking.com Was Doing to Gain Market Share During Lockdown

We’re living in uncertain times never seen before in the sector, as well as a change in the paradigm of online shopping and Booking.com knows it

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lybra image of Europe travel hotspots

Europe Travel Hot Spots: Spain, Italy & Greece, with Turkey Close Behind

Analysis of flight search data makes it possible to study trends in tourist demand, the travel preferences of travellers and regions with highest demand

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man using a hotel payment gateway to book a room online

Are You Planning to Include a Payment Gateway in Direct Sales Channel?

The reactivation of the demand for hotels has led many hotels to seek information about what payment gateway to include into their direct sales

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wording under a window saying data has a better idea

3 Reasons Why Valuable Data, Not Cheap Deals, is Secret to Recovery

By using data to understand the real cost and impact of decisions, hotels are able to build a revenue strategy that optimizes net RevPAR and GOPPAR

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graphic reflecting the psychology of upselling

A Hotelier’s Guide to the Psychology of Upselling

Basic principles of consumer psychology are highly scalable; they can be applied to almost any business to increase revenue, from start-up to corporations

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stack of coins with some flying off reflecting challenges for hotels around their adr

Restoring Your ADR Post Crisis

Re-building of ADR is much more correlated to the restoration of demand in the market and much less to do with the effect of price cutting during the crisis

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