man in suit walking with a surfboard reflecting new profile of the digital nomads

Digital Nomads at Hotels: Here to Stay or a Passing Trend?

We think the digital nomads trend is not going anywhere anytime soon so catering to these travellers will be a great way to boost reservations at your hotel

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digital nomad term derived from hybrid work approach post pandemic

Normalization of Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Unforseen Pandemic Outcome

This new perspective on where it is acceptable to work opens new opportunities in travel blending both business and leisure – the “digital nomad” lifestyle

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thumbnail of video interview about hotel mindset is it more nokia or apple

The Hotel Mindset: Is It More Like Nokia or Apple?

Has the hotel sector used the pandemic to develop a more customer centric approach to it’s product, pricing and promotions or will it revert back to type

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image of a cookie with a bite taken out and a red croos reflecting the end of third party cookies

The End of Third-Party Cookies and What it Means for Your Hotel

Sunsetting of traditional third-party cookies doesn’t end programmatic advertising, but rather pushes advertisers to innovate new offerings and capabilities

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lady with data graphics overlyaed showing how human factor is important part of revenue management automation

The Human Factor Behind Revenue Automation

We know the need for digital transformation, but it is the human factor that will guarantee the implementation success of Revenue Management technologies

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two apples of different types illustrating importance of validating when comparing one hotel rms to another

How to Fix the Validation Problem When Choosing an RMS

A hotelier may decide to choose a ‘cheaper’ RMS system because they think they are saving money but they are overlooking the fact performance is everything

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video thumbnail for interview about 7 hotel commercial mistakes

7 Hotel Commercial Mistakes and What To Do About Them

7 key findings, let us call them ‘Commercial Mistakes’ the property was making, were identified to answer why the hotel’s revenue struggled to improve

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Will Hotels Keep Their Head in the Sand Post Covid

The Cost of Inaction – Will Hotels Revert to Type?

Vaccination campaigns are fired up and countries are reopening. It’s time to look at a future where hotels will be able to operate in high demand again

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women runner looking forward and preparing in much the same way a hotel must look to future data to help set their revenue management strategy

Revenue Management: Look Ahead to Avoid Being Left Behind

There is no dichotomy between PMS data and demand data because, the two combined provide the picture to develop data-based revenue management strategies

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stacks of coins reflecting the impact of the wrong hotel room price strategy

How Much Does a Wrong Pricing Strategy Cost?

We can sell the same service, for the same day, with the same channel but at different times and therefore, potentially, also at a different price

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