Optimizing Guest Survey Conversions Through Email Marketing

An important tip to keep in mind when building your email marketing for guest survey conversions is email length. Pair that with a prominent call-to-action

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7 Hotel Email Marketing Strategies for More Clicks

To realise the best ROI for your hotel email marketing efforts, focus on the quality of your email subscribers, rather than the quantity

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Hotel Marketing Strategy: COVID Friendly Email Subject Lines

You could have the most compelling email ever created but if you don’t make the subject line exciting your email will never be opened

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crm audiences insight score priorityq podcast discussion thumbnail with robert schimmel

The Value of CRM Audiences and Insights to Drive Additional Revenue

Now truly independent within your CRM, Audiences allows for the most detailed segmentation and personalization across all communications

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person holding a mobile with hotel website open having received an upsell message generating ancillary revenue

Boost Ancillary Revenue Through Better Pre-Arrival Guest Engagement

Sending pre-arrival upsell campaigns is a great way to foster engagement, boost the guest experience and promote more ancillary revenue opportunities

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lady with data graphics overlyaed showing how human factor is important part of revenue management automation

Customer Relationship Management vs Customer Data Platform

Main difference between Customer Relationship Management and a Customer Data Platform is there in the name: CRM manages relationships, CDP manages data

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Stay Out of Spam: Email Deliverability Guide for Hotel Marketers

What’s the point of executing your email marketing strategy if none of your emails find their way to the inbox? That’s where email deliverability comes in!

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3 Tips for Essential COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Hotel Messaging

While you can’t control the pandemic, you can put your guests at ease with our top three tips for essential COVID-19 pre-arrival email messaging

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What’s the Difference Between Spam and Hotel Email Marketing?

There’s a fine line between spam and email marketing. That’s why it’s essential to build a coherent email marketing strategy, to find the right balance

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Complete WhatsApp Business Guide to Generate Hotel Bookings

Does losing reservations on WhatsApp impact your business so much? What is the sales potential of this communication channel?

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