How to Devise Effective Hotel Email Strategies And Crack The Code

If you want to fail at hotel email marketing, send the same email message to every single address in your database. That was email marketing 1.0

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Preparing Your Hotel For Cyber Weekend

Where hotels are concerned, Cyber Weekend is an ideal opportunity to increase occupancy during low periods and shoulder dates, and increase voucher sales

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How To Boost Your Hotel’s Email Click Through Rate

Strategy around getting customers, prospective or otherwise, to engage with your email content is the thing. We look at ways to improve campaign outcomes

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clock with a poster highlighting a black friday sale hotels are running on their website

What Black Friday 2021 Has In Store For Hoteliers

Last year, we published a Black Friday report showing impact on hotel bookings. We saw a 47% jump in campaign conversions and 58% increase in direct revenue

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What Does Apple’s iOS 15 Update Mean For Hotel Email Marketing?

The two features that are positioned to have the biggest impact on email marketing include the Mail Privacy Protection and Hide My Email features

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3 arrows in a target reflecting importance to hotels of mastering the direct booking game and developing powerful strategies

What Next For Email Marketing Following Apple’s Privacy Update?

It’s clear that with other privacy changes on the horizon, this is a growing trend and something marketers need to prioritize for their email campaigns

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How To Segment Your Hotel Mailing Lists

As customers have their inboxes flooded with messages, offers, and advertisements, how do you ensure your emails stand out? The answer is to segment

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email icon of tablet with finger clicking on it reflecting the importance of email subject lines to increase conversion

How to Create Email Subject Lines That Convert

Without a strong subject line, emails don’t get opened. And unopened emails have no chance for conversion. Of course, that’s all easier said than done

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Your Emails Are Failing Your Hotel Guests. Here’s What Needs To Happen

There are three main reasons why hotels may have high unsubscribe rate and it all comes down to one main point: Your emails are not relevant to guest needs 

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How To Write Post-Stay Emails To Drive Loyalty And Advocacy

Building relationships with guests is critical. Maintain communication with your guests and you can build customer loyalty with pre and post stay email

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