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As hoteliers turn their attention to recovering from a very  challenging year, doing more with less is going to be increasingly important.

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For this reason, everything that hoteliers spend their time working on needs to count, from placing ads to creating new partnerships to responding to online reviews. In this blog post, we help hoteliers make the most out of every email. We will share the best COVID friendly email subject lines from Revinate Marketing customers around the globe.

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Before we share the email subject line examples, let’s talk about why subject lines are so important. According to our Hospitality Marketing Expert, 47% of email recipients open emails based on subject lines alone. You could have the most compelling email ever created but if you don’t make the subject line exciting your email will never be opened. Here are some ways to make your subject lines compelling enough to open:

Hint at Discovery

Humans are naturally curious creatures so create a subject line that hints at discovery to grab your audience’s attention. Try to frame your subject lines in ways that show there is something to be discovered, such as “Here’s the only reason you need to visit Maui this summer.”

However, be careful not to hint at something that doesn’t get followed up on within the body of the email itself. If you over-promise and under-deliver, then you will taint your credibility and your recipients will be less likely to engage with your next email.

Create Urgency

A study conducted by the Email Institute found that establishing a sense of urgency and exclusivity can generate a 22% higher email open rate. When people feel a sense of urgency, decisions are more likely to be made and faster. A great example is “The clock is ticking on our biggest sale of the year!”

However, creating a sense of urgency is only effective when it’s backed by relevance and value. People don’t want to feel like they’ve missed out on a great offer, but if your promotion has more blackout dates and restrictions than available dates, once again, your credibility is on the line.

Use Numbers

Including quantifiers in your subject lines is a great way to draw the eye of recipients to your emails. Subject lines with numbers e.g. “5 reasons to visit us this fall” see, on average, a 45% higher open rate. Numbers are also a great way to create urgency. Try combining the two tactics to craft a subject line that gets noticed. Example: “Hurry! Only 5 days left to book for 30% off!” 

Personalize and Localize

Including a guest’s first name or the city in which they live makes your email feel more intimate and helps to strengthen your connection with that guest. A personalized subject line improves email open rates by 22%.

Use Emojis

Brands see a 45% increase in unique open rates when they include an emoji. We love emojis because they stand out in a crowded email box, convey emotion and can replace a lot of words. Sharing a summer getaway promotion? Meet your new friend, 🌞. Valentine’s Day promotion? 😍 says it all.

Use Eye-Magnet Words

Certain words grab a reader’s attention more than others. We love words such as introducing, new, announcing, soon and alert because they capture a reader’s attention and make them want to learn more. Use these words in the subject line to drive intrigue and clicks.

Ask a Question

Increase open rates by asking a question. Questions help spark recipients’ curiosity and stand out in a crowded inbox. Again, make sure your email delivers the answer to the question. If your subject line is “How about a little R&R this summer?” for example, then your email body content should follow the R&R theme.

Let’s briefly look at the flip side. What should you stay away from in your email subject lines? Here’s a short list of gotchas:

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