person breaking down a wall reflecting how hotels are breaking down silos between sales revenue and marketing

Breaking Barriers: Hotels Are Reclaiming Power in Website Management

The principle of customer-focused website design and management is vital, particularly for hotels where customer engagement is key to success

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millennial guests at a hotel illustrating the impact they have on booking trends and hotels need to know to drive guest experience and revenue in 2024

10 Booking Trends and Stats to Drive Guest Experience and Revenue

Hotels have an incredible opportunity to exceed guest expectations and maximize revenue potential with the help of new-age tools and processes

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When to Choose OTAs Over Hotel Direct Reservations

Whether reservations come directly or through OTAs is secondary, as the primary concern is filling rooms that would otherwise remain empty

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3 Hotel HyperCommerce Tactics for Faster Direct Booking

This hypercommerce approach not only enhances the booking process but aligns with desires of a generation that values spontaneity and discovering new destinations

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6 Winning Strategies to Increase Direct Bookings

Direct bookings boost profits, enable personalized experiences, data collection, targeted marketing efforts and can foster brand loyalty

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The Most Profitable Marketing Channels for Hotels

When independent hotels participate in the most profitable marketing channels, brand visibility increases exponentially and reliance on OTAs decreases

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The Evolving Role of a Hotel Channel Manager

Channel management is vital for a hotel’s commercial success, with increasing reliance on OTAs driving room night reservations and emergence of metasearch

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person clicking on a dollar sign reflecting additional revenue for hotels through sales of extras in their direct channel

Challenges of Selling ‘Extras’ in Your Direct Channel

We’ll cover why hotels should offer extras, some best practices on how to market them and finally some tips on how to streamline your operations

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the words online booking on a computer keyboard reflecting importance to hotels of their website to drive direct bookings and increase revenue

Perfecting the Craft of High Converting Websites

By embracing these best practices, you can create a digital website masterpiece that dazzles and delights, leaving guests eager to embark on their adventure

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easter eggs signalling the spring season and importance for hotels to start thinking about offers and campaigns

Hop Into Increased Direct Bookings This Easter

This targeted approach allows hotels to forge meaningful connections with guests, crafting memorable stays that capitalize on the festive Easter atmosphere

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