clock with a poster highlighting a black friday sale hotels are running on their website

What Black Friday 2021 Has In Store For Hoteliers

Last year, we published a Black Friday report showing impact on hotel bookings. We saw a 47% jump in campaign conversions and 58% increase in direct revenue

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Increase Online Luxury Hotel Revenue with Book Direct

There’s a constant debate on whether the Global Distribution System (GDS) surpasses a book direct strategy or is it the other way around

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Metasearch Engines: 3 Frequent (Hidden) Mistakes to Avoid

Behavioural change in prospects’ booking journey can expose hotels to subtle issues and pitfalls that may be difficult to detect in metasearch engines

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phuket thailand key travel and hotel destination in apac

APAC Hotel Direct Channel Trends In 2021

The analysis looks at Q2 vs Q1 in 2021 and covers main hotel direct booking metrics i.e. website traffic, conversion rates, disparities, and visitor profile

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6 Essential Metasearch Tips For Hotels

Metasearch engines are to hotels like Amazon is to eBooks: they are both vertical search engines. Vertical search engines focus on a specific sector

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Record High Summer Occupancy Leads to Higher Short Term Rental Rates

The lack of supply and high demand in many destination markets meant that occupancy rates were high, as what little supply there was got booked up quickly

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Your Guide to Building an Effective Hotel Distribution Strategy

A quick glance at the online environment will show you a wealth of different distribution channels. Each channel offers the opportunity to build cash flow

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lybra image showing travel stalled and impact on greece and turkey

Travel Stalled: Greece and Turkey Lose Market Due to Seasonality

The increase in demand during the summer season did boost European tourism; but it was cancelled out by the Delta variant, leaving European travel stagnant

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tripadvisor on a mobile phone

Tripadvisor Plus New Reward Model, Everything You Need to Know

Tripadvisor is the first big, relevant and global player in the online travel industry that dares to charge the user as its main revenue stream

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Optimise Your Hotel’s Room Inventory Management For Better Occupancy

Casual behaviour towards room inventory management by hotels can lead to various problems. Let’s discuss why you should be doing it in the first place

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