Most hoteliers and property owners have a love-hate relationship with online reviews. Some reviews are fair and just, while others are purposefully hurtful, or even worse, fake.

In Cloudbeds’ opinion, we believe that reviews are a unique opportunity for hotels to improve the hotel experience they provide to guests.

Reviews, both negative and positive, can help identify actionable changes for your property. Use your hotel guest views to your advantage and find ways to elevate your guest’s experience.

Find Unidentified Positives and Negatives

People often turn to online review platforms when they’re either super pleased or generally aggravated about a hotel experience.

While you probably prefer the former, it’s the negative and mediocre reviews that can help identify recurring problems you may not have known about. There are some problems that can’t always be controlled, like street noise or a loud guest who ends up disturbing others.

However, you should use reviews to look for chronic problems. Service, cleanliness, and amenities are among the top mentioned items we notice when we look at reviews. Reading them, you can walk away with an actionable list of things to improve–many which may be easy fixes.

Your property’s “product” is a combination of many different parts that are constantly moving. Your staff, rooms, amenities, and beyond all influence the hotel experience. Whether you operate a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, or inn, all of these elements make a difference.

When you take the time to analyze on a regular basis, you can identify issues as they present themselves. One of the best ways to mitigate bad reviews is to manage expectations.

For example, if there’s nearby construction, you can either warn guests or move them to a part of your property that is less affected. Or, if guests start to mention that your rooms are rundown or lack certain amenities, you can address their concerns immediately or make a plan to do so.

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