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With recent articles about Meetings and Group business finally starting to fill hotel rooms, we thought it might be interesting to discuss how increased groups and meetings business might impact hotels, especially when you consider the ongoing staff shortage and the challenge faced in trying to respond to more group enquiries.

And why understanding how revenue management applies in relation to group business, is ever more important especially when trying to balance group business against individual bookings and identifying the most profitable mix.

So we have recorded a 2 video series where we look at the importance of hotel meetings and group revenue.

Joining us on to offer their insights are:

🔹 Peter Brauer of Get Into MoRe

🔹 Mark Struik of Please ask m

Today, in video 1, we specifically look at why hotels might not focus on meetings revenue as much as they should do and what are some of the barriers when trying to embrace meetings revenue management.

NB: Get Into MoRe are one of our Expert Partners

Really hope you enjoy the conversation 👍🏻

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🎞 VIDEO CHAPTERS 01:15 Guest welcome and topic intro
02:30 Guest introductions
04:20 Where do hotels position meetings revenue in terms of importance
09:14 Are there genuine barriers to meetings revenue management
16:05 Does lack of meeting room kpi metrics have an impact
20:25 Challenge to handle requests, proposals and respond with urgency
26:42 Question linking to Part 2 video
27:09 Further videos and subscriber link