Today we are talking with Pablo Delgardo of mirai and the topic under discussion is hotel distribution.

Pablo explains why he feels there will be ‘No New Normal’ for hotel distribution and how it is the perfect time for hotels to re-evaluate their distribution strategy and their direct booking approach.

Below is a broad guide to the different areas covered during the conversation and the relevant time stamps:

 ► Pablo and Mirai Introduction (1:12)

► Changes to the distribution landscape (2:27)

► Consolidation of channels (4:11)

► Urban Myth: more channels = more demand (7:15)

► Opportunity for hotels to renegotiate? (13:10)

► Will big OTAs exploit loss of competitors (17:10)

► Fear of Thomas Cook closing (20:45)

► Now have a blank page to start again (25:10)

► OTAs first then direct (29:11)

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