The magic of email marketing

Everyone who has shopped online has experienced this once. Remember searching the internet for a new coffee maker and instead filling your cart with “essentials” like fancy chocolates? Then, you forget about the whole operation and go back to scrolling through Facebook. As the company owning that abandoned cart of online goods, losing that transaction without knowing it was occurring is ignorant bliss. But if a company wants to complete that transaction, email marketing is a channel to explore.

Drip or email marketing is essentially a set of marketing emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule. With permission to communicate via email or SMS messaging, a marketing company can remind a customer that he or she didn’t finish checking out their cart, that the hotel they’re staying in is having happy hour in 10 minutes, or provide them with a list of top-rated restaurants in the area.

A 2015 study completed by the Radicati Group found that there are about 2.5 billion email users worldwide. That is almost a billion more people than the amount of citizens internationally who own a television, one of the more popular advertising agents, with the current number of television owners coming to about 1.6 billion. In a 2014 survey by Marketing Sherpa, 92 percent of marketers reported that email produces or will eventually produce a positive return on investment for them.

Neil Berman, CEO of email marketing company Delivra, explains that it’s even logistically easier to track advertising attribution via email marketing versus television marketing. “If you run an advertisement on TV and someone buys your product, it’s hard to attribute or understand if that TV ad actually brought in the business,” he says. “Email is a one-to-one marketing vehicle and you can track everything precisely.”

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