drive bookings from instagram

Once a rather odd idea, using social media to market businesses has become commonplace. The benefits of almost free advertising, easily measurable reach, fairly precise targeting and the opportunity to communicate directly with guests are impossible to overlook.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, it receives around 58% more engagement on average than Facebook, and, as Instagram is image-based, it works particularly well for hospitality businesses.

Here are a few tips to inspiring, intriguing and enticing users on Instagram to engage with your brand:

Reach a wider audience

Instagram has a number of features that allow you to increase the number of people that your posts reach, such as hashtags, location tags and sponsored posts.


Hashtags are keywords that users can associate with their content. Hashtags make it easier for other users to browse the hundreds of thousands of posts and find things that interest them. By using hashtags you are able to reach people who didn’t know your business existed, but who are interested in related topics and ideas.

For example, if you run a game reserve, using a hashtag like #wildlife will mean that your post will appear to anyone who searches that term, even if they aren’t already your follower.

Hashtags can also be related to special events. For example, there might be a surfing event taking place near your beach resort. Using the designated hashtag for a nearby event in your posts will give your resort exposure to people interested in that event.

Hashtags related to holidays such as #MothersDay and #NewYear, or geographic locations such as #London can also be useful.

Tag your location

Instagram also has a built-in function that allows you to mark the location of a particular post.

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