improve hotel bookings

What are some of the reasons why guests choose to book with an online travel agency (OTA) over a hotel’s website?

According to an August 2016 Phocuswright report, the #1 reason is that OTA websites are easy to use. There is also a widespread consumer misconception that OTAs offer better prices than booking directly with a hotel.

We sat down with Charlie Osmond of Triptease to discuss some of the ways his company is helping hotels remedy this problem.

Triptease builds digital tools that create better experiences and relationships between hotels and guests.

#1  How did you come to work for Triptease? What is your interest in the hospitality technology space?

Believe it or not, Triptease is actually my third company! I’ve always followed an entrepreneurial track, and built my first business after graduating from Oxford.

It wasn’t until I was planning a family holiday when I realized how frustrating the booking process had become. Did you know the average person visits 38 websites and spends 45 days trying to book a trip?

It became clear that there was a problem. My goal was to help hotels reconnect with their guests and improve the guest experience in the process. The concept of Triptease began brewing…

We spent months interviewing guests and hotel staff to understand the first-hand trials and tribulations various parties were going through.

Too much data overwhelms travelers and distorts the industry. In delving deeper and deeper into this problem, we developed Price Check, a widget that sits on a hotel website and booking engine displaying real time prices across the web.

Since then, our Direct Booking Platform has grown and we now offer a suite of digital tools that both encourage transparency to guests and improve relationships with guests – something that’s truly changing the game in the hospitality industry.

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