different colour casino poker chips reflecting impact of meetings industry on gaming destination events

As 2023 continues to set in, meeting industry trends are becoming more apparent in the destination events industry.

NB: This is an article from Knowland

Meeting planners are choosing destinations for different reasons than they did before the pandemic, and the impact is measurable. Gaming destinations especially can take advantage of the demand for experience-first, Instagram-worthy events.

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Why? Your property is already built to entertain, inspire, and transform the guest experience. Let’s dive into the most note-worthy meetings and events trends and how casino hotels can take advantage. 

1. Experience-first events

Event attendees have become wary travelers, especially with advancements in virtual and hybrid events. For the foreseeable future, they’ll need convincing to RSVP “yes” to in-person events. Event planners are looking to inclusive environments with attendee-driven experiences as the way of the future. Fortunately, casino resorts have much of this in place. 

Casino hotels and resorts can attract destination events with wary travelers in mind. When speaking with a prospect, consider what else is going on at your property during their event dates. If you’re hosting live performances or dining experiences, use them to entice travelers. 

It doesn’t take a gaming capital like Las Vegas or Atlantic City to attract meeting planners. Many casino resorts are business destinations that can lure any attendee, including non-gamblers. 

Another consideration is your A/V capabilities. If your property is equipped for hosting live entertainment, you’ll have a venue capable of providing a unique event experience. Offer meeting planners the chance to spice up their event with technologically savvy perks like VR headsets, metaverse concerts, and more. 

2. Opting for authenticity

Top meeting destinations have become extremely crowded and in some cases expensive, making more “authentic” or alternate destinations more appealing. No matter your location, authentic experiences are vital in providing the kind of excitement modern attendees are looking for.  

If you’re in a primary meeting destination, stand out from other venues with your personalized pitch. Research your prospects to learn their preferences and booking patterns so you know the amenities to market. 

Have they stayed in casinos before? What about properties with restaurants? These factors can help you cater your pitch to potential guests. 

If you’re in a secondary location, promote your ability to deliver on authenticity. Modern attendees want a more individualized experience, and your casino hotel is perfect for that. Use your staff’s expertise to deliver attendees an enjoyable experience that they can’t help but share on their social media.

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