Growth of Non-Gaming Revenue in Casinos

Casinos were once a place that comped shows, rooms, food and drinks to entice people to gamble, which is how they made most of their revenue.

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Casinos: Boost Revenue with a Flexible Reinvestment Strategy

Until recently, marketers and casino revenue managers have largely looked past nuanced reinvestment calculations, because the only goal was filling the hotel and, ultimately, the casino.

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How to Use Advanced Customer Valuation to Become Dangerous

A player’s value can be boiled down to two functions. First is marginalization, i.e. the relationship between spending patterns and profit. How much revenue can I expect given a player’s […]

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Enhanced Loyalty : What Hotels Can Learn from Casinos

For many properties, capturing total guest value (TGV) has many hurdles. Property Management Systems that don’t capture adequate data, disparate reporting systems and a simple lack of customer data from […]

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Gaming properties find strategies to optimize revenue at every opportunity

In the casino industry, the saying goes that the house always wins. But on the highly competitive Las Vegas strip, it’s not always that clear cut. To survive and thrive, […]

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