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Sales in the restaurant industry can be extremely volatile.

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With seasonality, external competition, and several other factors at play, it’s often difficult for restaurant operators to not only get a grip on their restaurant sales but also increase them.

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What many restaurateurs fail to see though, is that even the most popular restaurants around town have the potential to easily improve their sales. And we bring even more good news! According to research by the National Restaurant Association, sales in the industry are predicted to reach roughly $1 trillion in 2023, and there might be up to 500,000 new jobs. This means there is a ton of opportunity for restaurant owners in the industry! But, where do you begin?

To give you and your staff a kick start, this article goes through 20 effective tips and strategies you could follow to help get a grip on your management and push your restaurant to increase your overall restaurant sales.

So, let’s jump right in.

How can you increase sales at your restaurant?

Here are a few suggestions for boosting restaurant sales that include getting an existing customer to come back, encouraging guests to visit your restaurant, improving your table turnover rate, and more.

1. Start by identifying your goals

Before learning how to increase restaurant sales, it’s crucial to establish a baseline against which to compare future progress. If your company is established, you might often use previous internal sales data or industry statistics (if you are just starting). Nevertheless, COVID-19 has mostly rendered this data irrelevant. This makes evaluating your long-term success more difficult. Even so, gathering sales data for at least a week or two before continuing is helpful.

How to keep an eye on your restaurant data at all times:

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2. Upselling techniques

One of the most important and easiest ways to boost restaurant sales is by upselling your customers. All things considered, your restaurant staff are technically in sales, and they need to be reminded to make it their top priority. Think about your average ticket price; now imagine increasing that up to 10%. Over the course of a year, this means serious increases in revenue.

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