luggage of guests at a boutique hotel reflecting opportunities for hotels to increase repeat visits

The success of your hotel business relies on attracting and retaining guests.

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Returning guests help stabilize occupancy rates and reduce the costs of acquiring new guests, especially since new bookings can be less predictable. Repeat guests are already aware of the hotel’s services and offerings, which makes it easier to upsell and increase their average daily spend.

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Loyal guests tend to spend more than first-time visitors. They are also less price-sensitive and will book even if rates are higher than usual. Marketing and advertising costs also tend to be lower when targeting loyal customers. Plus, you get the benefit of positive word-of-mouth marketing. Loyal customers tend to be your best brand advocates, leading to more bookings based on referrals.

Five best ways to increase repeat guests at your hotel 

Now that you know the importance of increasing repeat guests, discover the best strategies that will keep them coming back.

Create loyalty programs 

There’s a reason loyalty programs are so popular – they’re a great way to reward loyal guests and build relationships. To better manage guest profiles, use your hospitality management system. It allows your front desk to tailor the guest experience based on the preferences of those loyal guests. Regulars like to be recognized and will surely enjoy being welcomed with drinks or small gifts.

The more customized the rewards are, the more likely guests will cash in on them. Loyalty programs are a great way to lead customers to book more regularly. You can raise the reward value in the off-season, helping to boost occupancy during periods of low demand.

Collect feedback 

Asking for feedback also contributes to customer retention. Guests want to feel that you listen to them. The more you value their opinions, the more appreciated they feel. Ask about their experiences – what they like and dislike, and things you could improve. Giving your guests this kind of an outlet can help improve retention rates.

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. When you take action and let guests know what you’re doing to improve, it shows how proactive you are. It may even help you retain clients because they’ll know you considered their feedback.

Offer exclusive deals 

Everyone loves a good deal. Give your guests a reason to be loyal by creating customized deals and packages. Dive into the guest data to improve sales and find out which additional services they booked during their last stay. Then offer a special price for those services when they book at your hotel. You can also offer discounts if they come back to visit you within a set time frame, leading to more repeat guests.

Foster a sense of community

There’s nothing like creating a sense of community among your guests and locals to foster guest loyalty. Create connections by organizing events, workshops and social activities that allow guests to interact with locals. Commonly shared activities are a great way to differentiate from competitors.

Whether it’s signature dinners with a local chef, a wine-pairing activity on your rooftop, or working together to plant a rooftop garden, unique experiences can make all the difference.

Offer consistent, high-quality amenities and services 

High-quality amenities showcase your hotel’s attention to detail and care for your guests. Offering services like turndown, a pillow menu and locally produced amenities should be standard. You can take it to the next level with personalized services that will truly separate you from the crowd.


Customer retention is the secret to healthy growth and profitability – it’s also how you turn guests into brand ambassadors. You can increase repeat guests at your hotel by prioritizing the guest experience and offering consistent service across all touchpoints.

We covered loyalty programs, exclusive deals, asking for feedback, and other strategies for customer retention. Follow these tips to build lasting relationships and brand loyalty, leading to more return guests over the years.

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