sign showing rooms available reflecting pressure on hotels to promote sales during the off-season

Increasing occupancy during the off-season remains one of the hotelier’s biggest challenges and can require a lot of creativity for your digital marketing strategy.

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Hotel marketers should utilize every platform, including email, social, paid search, and website content, to promote sales during the off-season. As challenging as it may sound, there are several tactics that you can implement to bolster your off-season marketing strategy.

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Before beginning, key indicators for your new strategy include identifying your hotel’s seasonal downturn and getting your sales strategies in front of the right people. Knowing when to start planning and who you should be targeting is important for a successful strategy.

Follow the ideas below on how hotels can start promoting sales during the off-season:

How can hotels use website content to increase off-season occupancy?

group of friends bowling during the off-season

1. Use off-season imagery on your website.

As the seasons shift, think about how you can convey your property as an off-season friendly destination. One idea is to swap out images of peak season activities with amenities that are specific to your shoulder or low-season. Doing so communicates that your property is worth visiting more than just a few months out of the year.

Important Note: Make sure your Google My Business listing and other local listings are updated with images of current amenities, too.

2. Create content dedicated to the off-season.

Use this space to highlight your hotel’s year-round amenities and services. Market to people searching for these services by doing your diligence with keyword research.

You should also use this tactic to build content that promotes local attractions and things to do in your area that are popular during the low-season. This could include indoor attractions, rainy day activities and more. 

Link up with local groups and organizations to find the latest events happening in your area. Use this information to create a page or blog article dedicated to off-season events that you can promote and send prospective guests to on your website.

3. Build content around weddings, meetings, and sporting events.

Is your area a popular destination for sports tournaments? Are there local organizations that run expos, meetings, and events during your low season? Take a peek at search volume for these types of queries for your destination. Incorporate your research into a paid search campaign and offer discounted rates for groups.

If your property already offers wedding services, push discounted rates for wedding parties staying at your hotel or discounted wedding services for off-season weddings.

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