Last minute hotel booking app HotelTonight has launched its latest version for Apple’s iOS, with rate tracking added for the first time.

Searches for tomorrow and up to a week away now come with a ‘Track It’ option at the top of the page.

When selected, users will be sent daily push notifications as prices change. The firm said the feature was added due to requests from users.

The app also indicates how many new hotels have added rooms to the city tracked by the user, up until the dates searched for.

HotelTonight say the update was designed to retain simplicity of use for the user and that it makes accessing booking and account details easier.

A spokeswoman said: “Like Birkenstocks, tabs are making a comeback.

“We’re particularly excited about how you can swipe to get from one tab to the next – we’re making swiping both left and right a good thing.”

She added: “We’re always looking for the most amazing last minute deals, and hotels are continually adding new rooms and changing their prices as the day of arrival approaches.

This means that the hotels and rates are constantly changing on HotelTonight. If you’re not seeing the right hotel for you, or if you want to be updated when new hotels load rooms, or if you’re just curious about how rates change day-to-day, rate tracking is a great way to stay in the know.”

Original article source: Travolution