groups of people meeting on a hotel roof top location enjoying the summer weather

Summer is the perfect season to host vibrant and memorable events at your property and to increase revenue this summer. This means you need to put your summer hotel marketing into high gear now. Whether you have a large outdoor courtyard or a small rooftop patio, your outdoor spaces can become sought-after venues for groups looking to enjoy the warm weather.

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Here’s how to make your outdoor spaces the go-to destination for summer events:

Market Your Outdoor Spaces

Effective marketing is the first step to garnering interest in your outdoor venues. Here’s how to showcase your spaces and attract event planners:

Highlight Past Events: Use photos and testimonials from previous successful events to demonstrate your venue’s potential. High-quality images of well-decorated spaces, happy guests, and beautifully presented food and beverages can be very persuasive.

Showcase Outdoor Activities and Experiences: Share captivating photographs and alluring descriptions that transport potential guests to the heart of these outdoor experiences. Paint a vivid picture of the opportunities that having an outdoor event can offer such as barbecues, picnics, or al fresco dining. Show summer-friendly activities for corporate or social events, such as a yoga class or a fun scavenger hunt on your property. Highlight a pet-friendly vibe to show your amenities for four-legged guests.

Stage Photoshoots: If you’re just starting out or want to refresh your marketing materials, consider staging photoshoots. Include lots of colors, festive beverages, and delectable food items. Show different setups to illustrate the versatility of your space.

Social Media for Summer Hotel Marketing: Leverage social media platforms to share visuals and stories about your outdoor spaces. Create engaging posts, reels, and stories that capture the essence of summer events at your venue. Short-form videos for TikTok and Instagram Reels are perfect to show a glimpse of what you offer this summer.

Include Summer Vibes for All Groups: Captivate potential clients by showcasing the summer event packages and offers that make your property truly shine. Unleash your creativity and craft experiences that transport your guests into the heart of a summer vacation, regardless of the event type. For corporate clients, craft packages that seamlessly blend productive meetings with rejuvenating outdoor activities, fostering team bonding and inspiration under the summer sun. Social event clients, too, will revel in the summertime spirit you weave. Tantalize them with visions of outdoor ceremonies adorned with vibrant blooms, followed by dazzling receptions where the stars twinkle overhead.

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