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Hey hotel marketers! Starting March 11, Google Ads is implementing a new policy that’s all about boosting your campaign’s budget efficiency. Ad groups created at least 13 months ago with no impressions in the past year will automatically be paused.

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This rollout, expected to complete by April 30, aims to streamline your advertising efforts and ensure your budget is used effectively.

Understanding the Automatic Pause

  • Criteria for Pause: Ad groups with no impressions over the past 13 months.
  • Rollout Timeline: Completion across all Google Ads accounts by the end of April.
  • Action for Affected Ad Groups: You can reactivate paused ad groups, but it’s recommended to only do so for those you believe will perform in the near future.

Why This Update Matters for Hoteliers

For hotel marketers, this update is a wake-up call to review and refine your Google Ads strategy. Here’s why it’s important:

  1. Budget Optimization: Ensuring your ad spend goes to active, high-performing ad groups.
  2. Campaign Quality: Removing low-activity ad groups can improve the overall quality of your campaigns.
  3. Strategic Focus: Encourages a review of your ad groups, focusing on those with potential for impressions and conversions.

How Hoteliers Can Adapt

  1. Review your Ad Groups: Audit your Google Ads account for ad groups that haven’t performed in the past year. Decide whether to update or continue pausing them.
  2. Optimize for Performance: For ad groups you choose to reactivate, ensure they’re optimized with relevant keywords and targeted ad copy.
  3. Monitor and Adjust: Keep an eye on reactivated ad groups. If they don’t perform within three months, consider pausing them again or reevaluating your strategy.

Google Ads’ new policy to pause low-activity ad groups is a strategic move that hoteliers should welcome. It’s an opportunity to clean up your campaigns, focus on what truly works, and make your advertising budget work harder for you. By embracing this change, you can enhance your hotel’s visibility and attract more guests efficiently. Let’s make the most of our advertising efforts in 2024!

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