Facebook Messenger Takes To The Skies


In line with the chat app movement, the integration is expected to further Facebook’s outreach

Having opened up its Facebook Messenger Platform for developers to integrate their services into the mega-popular chat app, Facebook is gearing up for a future where it can mediate the interaction between users and businesses for a fluid and centralized experience.

Looking to make the clumsy reality of toggling between apps a thing of the past, the social media goliath has been strategically partnering with other companies to offer various services to consumers at the heart of where they spend their time.

After onboarding Giphy and enabling users to send each other money, Uber marked an important partnership for Facebook as its service offerings started to feel more inclusive. In fact, after striking a deal with the on-demand transportation juggernaut, Messenger started thinking outside of the box in regards to the subsequent line of services it plans to rope in.

As a result, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has heeded the call for a more diverse range of ‘in-chat’ options, and has since joined the ranks of Messenger’s business-to-consumer outreach.

According to Facebook’s vice president for messaging products David Marcus, approximately 80 percent of passengers on planes traveling within the United States have the Messenger app installed on their smartphones.

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