London-based start-up Triptease has released a list of eight things that hotels can do to improve online reservations, after surveying 1,000 people.

Recommendations at the top of the list include reviewing interface design, showing prices in the right currency and providing the cheapest rate.

Triptease claims there is a “huge market” for direct bookings, but the frustrations for potential customers often outweigh the benefits.

The research findings are summarised in a new eBook ‘Get A Room’ and are intended to aid hotels wishing to attract more people to book directly on their website.

Charlie Osmond, Triptease’s chief executive and founder, said: “Our research shows that people will book direct on hotel websites if it is easy and intuitive.

“There are some great hotel websites that provide a fabulous experience for the guest. The future is here but it is just unevenly distributed.

“By surfacing what the guest wants we are helping to level the playing field for hoteliers.”

Lennert de Jong, commercial director of CitizenM hotels, contributed to the e-book.

He added: “Hotels have to do all they can to get guests to understand the brand and the concept and for me transparency and reassurance is critical to that.”

Triptease’s eight top tips for conversion are:

Make it simple, short and clean
Triptease found 94% of people have abandoned a booking online recently, 29% because of factors related to the system being used.

Use lots of photos
According to the company 70% of people rely on photos to learn about a hotel.

Show lots of dates
The research also found that 71% of people agreed that being shown prices on dates either side of the ones they’ve selected is useful to them.

Put it in the relevant currency
A total of 53% of people told Triptease they are frustrated by being shown prices in currencies other than theirs.

Reassure the customer
Triptease recommends companies so show guests how much they have saved.

Show the customer add-ons
According to Triptease 68% of people said it was useful when they are shown what add-ons they can pay for during the booking process.

Shorten the delay in gratification
Content gets guests even more excited.

Let customers use their Facebook login
A total of 26% of people said they would log in using Facebook on a hotel’s website if it were available.

Original article published on: Travolution

Click for Triptease eBook: “Get a Room”