Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion

Today we continue our conversation with our 2 guests from Beonprice:

🔹 Neville Isaac – Chief Customer Officer
🔹 Jannik Heitmüller – Sales Director

If you missed Part 1, here is a link to the blog post

and here is a link to the Part 1 video

In Part 2 we look at how Price Fairness and Price Identity feeds into Customer Lifetime Value.

We also take a moment to reflect on the current Covid situation and how Price Fairness and Price Identity may be influenced in the short term because of the crisis.

Hope you enjoy the discussion 🤞👍

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🎞 Here are the chapters:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (1:42)
  • Post Covid (13:12)
  • Wrap up and other videos (28:41)

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US & CANADA 2021, March 8-12