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A friend and foe, seasonality is a familiarity amongst many hoteliers who enjoy high occupancy, elevated ADRs, and a surge in revenue when in-season. As the seasons change, occupancy dips, market share becomes sparse, and hotels are left with elevated cost-per-acquisitions; their marketing efforts must become proactive, efficient, and creative to ensure their continued success.

Complete a search for hotels in a resort town: from South Lake Tahoe to Vail or Park City. What you will find is an abundance of properties offering discounted rates or outlandish specials to secure a large piece of a much smaller pie. Is this approach functional? Yes. Is it practical, efficient, or creative? Absolutely not!

Begin by evaluating your current marketing efforts, specifically paid search. Do your paid search efforts include foundational campaigns, such as name and market terms? Of course they do. Has your team researched local events and interests responsible for driving additional traffic during seasonal lulls? If your answer is no, keep reading.

Paid Search Marketing: Get Creative with Your Next Campaign!

Step 1: Identify Local Activities and Interests
A dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts, Sedona, Arizona is home to the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa. Experiencing seasonal lulls during winter months, Sedona Rouge required creative and aggressive paid search marketing efforts to maintain its market share. Focusing on local outdoor activities and guides that increase in the late Winter months, we worked with Sedona Rouge to develop paid search campaigns surrounding Sedona Grand Canyon Tours.

Step 2: Determine Interest Surrounding Local Activities and Interests
The Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool will help you obtain a list of keywords, the average search volume per month, competition, projected cost-per-click (CPC), and search volume trends over time associated with each keyword. Cross-referencing this data with your preferred keyword strings will allow you to identify which keywords are most qualified for your property.

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