Hotel Crisis Recovery: Social Media Marketing

With hotels choosing to cease marketing when their doors closed, social media is a cost-effective way for hotels to re-establish their marketing funnel

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How to Use Data to Relaunch Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Campaigns

Data couldn’t be more important in current climate given many properties will be starting with limited budgets, you’ll need campaigns to provide real value

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Have you Planned Your Digital Marketing Assets for Relaunch Campaigns?

As the tourism industry re-awakens, it’s time to reactivate your digital marketing. Step one is launching brand awareness ads, in order to build interest

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Should Your Hotel Maintain, Slow or Pause Paid Advertising?

Many aren’t aware that the avg. cost per click for paid advertising through Google Ads has dropped significantly as bidding auctions have become smaller

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casinos on vegas strip

Hotel Casinos: Get Ready for Re-Opening

Several hotel casinos across the states in the US are re-opening this week, offering a glimpse of how the industry will recover amid social distancing

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Tips & Trends For Display Remarketing (DRM) During Coronavirus

Trends in DRM may not be what you’d think. Though marketers have touted the record low advertising costs, DRM may be one channel where that’s not the case

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engaging with potential hotel guests online

Hotel Reopening Strategies to Engage with Guests Online

When promoting long staycations, take advantage of geo-targeting options to personalize offers and messages for domestic guests but exclude local residents

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Why Should You be Using Quora and Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups and Quora are your bridges to these conversations and connections, making them imperative for a well-rounded marketing strategy

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Recovery eMail Marketing Strategy: Short, Mid and Long Term

A strong email marketing strategy will keep loyal guests engaged and can provide positive news as you lead them down the booking path for the future

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Best Practices for Messaging Your Hotel’s Reopening During Crisis

How can your hotel instill trust in loyal guests and new guests in a post-COVID-19 world? The answer is consistent communication and thoughtful messaging

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